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Getting SharePoint Back Under Control

with Active Directory Groups - Part 1

SharePoint is one of the fastest growing applications in the enterprise.  It has many uses and some of those uses have given rise to its popularity such as a collaborative tool for small groups of people, being used as a document repository, and a centralized communications portal for an organization The problem with SharePoint however   read more >>


Enforcing Active Directory Group Ownership

Building on the blog of “the case for multiple owners“, the concept of multiple owners with Active Directory Groups becomes of lesser value if those who you’ve delegated group creation to do not actually establish an owner or additional ownership as part of the creation process. Now considered a best practice for group lifecycle management   read more >>


Mergers and Acquisitions

What happens when two organizations decide to merge or when a larger enterprise envelopes a smaller organization? Without a plan in place for an effective integration, the two organization are bound for disaster from an IT perspective. Much like two planetary objects colliding in space. It can be a daunting task to consider the amount   read more >>


Active Directory Tutorial

There are many experts in our field. I could not start naming them without leaving someone off what would be a very lengthy list of people I look up to. What I enjoy about knowing a little bit about these intelligent people is that they continue to share and educate their peers. They recognize that   read more >>